Camil Reign

CamilReign Media Group is an event planning, event publicity, and entertainment news company based in Atlanta. We specialize in fashion shows, pop-up shops, and celebrity hosted entertainment events.

Originally from Jacksonville, FL, CamilReign relocated to Atlanta, after receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations from Florida A&M University. Her mission was to secure a career in the fashion and entertainment industry.

After 10 years of being in radio and media, she began to get involved in the fashion industry and launched her first company in 2015. TAGLINES CLOTHING has been one of the most sought after graphic apparel companies since the release of its “HBCULife” college brand of shirts and hoodies.

Thriving to bring her apparel company to the forefront of Atlanta’s fashion industry, she began utilizing her background in public relations/marketing and started planning fashion shows to bring awareness to her brand.

With the success of her first launch party in January 2017, CamilReign started to get more involved in event planning and has since then planned several successful events.